Collaborate, Communicate and Execute Events.

If you're an Event Coordinator, it doesn't matter how big your team is or the size of the event you are planning. 99atoms is a platform which brings your team together, helps them collaborate, improves communication and stores all relevant data under one convenient roof.

"Oh yeah, it works!!"

The 'Plan & Collaboration Tool' makes your event planning effortless.

Start collaborating on the go!

Now available on the App Store and coming soon to the Play Store!

Task Delegation and Management

Now, it's quicker and easier than ever before to generate a 'TO-DO LIST' for an upcoming event. '99atoms' keeps the to-do list on priority and provides you real-time information about every action from your event team.

Use '99atoms' to create, assign, monitor a set of tasks for your team around events and also to track dynamic changes and deliverables of your team.

99Atoms has helped me gain complete process control over my team. Now I'm able to track them in real time and have been successful in providing them with the right guidance on the go.